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a ticket to the end of the world. ([personal profile] swords) wrote2014-02-05 05:05 pm



( plus even more. )

15 icons: 30 points ($3)
50 icons: 60 points ($6)
100 icons: 100 points ($10)

if you'd prefer a number that isn't listed, we can negotiate. i do prefer payment in dreamwidth points (as, honestly, that's what the proceeds are going to, anyway), but i will use paypal if need be!

live-action, comics, video games, animation. currently, i am not offering manga coloring (because i'm rusty as hell. nobody wants that). i will icon fanart for you, provided the artist is cool with it. current samples are provided above (as most posts here don't reflect my style any longer), with a link to more, and if those aren't enough, i can get you links to my current rp accounts.

if you're interested, drop me a comment here. what i need from you is: a zip file of your images (please please please make sure they're as hq as possible!) and an email address. and then i'll get to work! when i've finished them, i'll basically throw them all together on a big-ass photoshop canvas and send that your way for approval, and then once you drop me the points, i'll trade you back a zip of your icons!

if something happens and you need to cancel, it's no big deal, just throw me another comment. and if, by some chance, you haven't heard from me within ten days of accepting your commission, by all means, contact me.

**NOTE: i typically do not have a problem weeding through caps, but if/when it becomes overwhelming (typically about twice the amount actually commissioned), there is the chance of an extra charge.

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