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2011-12-08 12:25 am
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2013-12-27 11:11 pm


25. amy acker in "the cabin in the woods"
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2013-12-27 07:48 pm


25. mia kirshner in "lost girl."
25. natalie dormer in a bunch of shit man idk.

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2013-12-23 10:30 pm


138 icons
a shitton of alice englert tbh

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2013-12-16 05:57 pm

( angels choking on their halos )

30. belle in "once upon a time" (3x10 and 3x11)
07. moonshoes rumple parkouring the pawn shop for intergalactic travels to the enchanted forest. (3x11)
06. slumber party emma in "once upon a time" (3x11)

i want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way. )
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2013-11-29 08:53 pm


20. jennifer daminano in "b-side" (for andie)
35. natasha romanoff in "iron man 2" & "the avengers" (for sel)
36. irene adler in "sherlock" (for sel)
27. dominic cooper in "the devil's double" and "captain america" (for ellie)
03. britta perry in "community" (for ellie)

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2013-02-03 03:40 am

icon time.

149: get smart (anne hathaway/agent 99)
78: teen wolf (daniel sharman/isaac lahey)

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2012-06-14 05:28 pm

the poison slowly creeps and stops me dead (dark shadows ; roger, laura ; pg-ish idk anymore)

title. the poison slowly creeps and stops me dead.
fandom. dark shadows (burtonverse)
characters/pairing. roger collins, laura collins, ALSO A PRETTY AWESOME ORIGINAL SERIES SHOUTOUT AT THE END.
rating. pg-ish.
warnings/notes. spoilers....? written for roger's application to [community profile] lastvoyages.

there's a family photograph - roger, laura, and david as a toddler - sitting on one of the tables in the drawing room. )
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2012-06-08 12:48 pm

the overflow (dark shadows ; david, elizabeth, josette, victoria ; pg)

title. the overflow.
fandom.characters/pairing. david, elizabeth, josette, victoria.
rating. pg-ish.
warnings. spoilers....?

Nobody else can tell that Vicki isn't Vicki anymore. And he's afraid of her.

her voice is the same, as are the clothes she wears and the way she flips her hair, but she isn't vicki anymore )
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2012-06-08 12:35 pm

they were torn wide open (dark shadows ; victoria, josette, barnabas, angelique ; pg)

title. they were torn wide open
fandom.characters/pairing. victoria, josette, barnabas, angelique ; josette/barnabas i guess?
rating. pg-ish.
warnings. spoilers....? character death. kind of.

She can see the cliff, she can hear the waves, and the wind seems to lift her - until two arms drag her back down and hold her tightly.

victoria thinks she is safe in her room, watching all the commotion on the ground far below. )
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2012-04-06 12:04 am

the apathy and urgency (dark shadows ; barnabas, julia ; pg.)

title. the apathy and urgency.
fandom. dark shadows - burtonverse.
characters/pairing. julia hoffman, barnabas collins. mentions of angelique and victoria winters.
rating. pg-ish.
warnings. spoilers....?

Julia freezes, needing every second she can take to calm herself down. He can’t know, she thinks, there’s no way. It’s a lucky guess. From the fire in his eyes, no one would know the difference.

for all the strangeness and oddities experienced in her time with the collins family, julia knows that some things remain steady. )for all the strangeness and oddities experienced in her time with the collins family, julia knows that some things remain steady. )for all the strangeness and oddities experienced in her time with the collins family, julia knows that some things remain steady. )
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2012-03-21 01:26 am

collisions (dark shadows, quentin/victoria, hard pg-13.)

title: "collisions"
fandom: dark shadows.
characters/pairing: quentin collins/victoria winters.
rating: hard pg-13.
warnings: implied sexual situations? actually, more than implied but uh?

neither of them know how they will feel about this in the morning. )
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2012-03-21 01:10 am

you change your position and you are changing me (dark shadows ; quentin/vicki ; pg.)

title. "you change your position and you are changing me"
fandom. dark shadows.
characters/pairing. quentin collins/victoria winters.
rating. pg.
warnings. none.

victoria became something different to him, more than a drowning slip of a girl wild with the cold, but more of a relic. an old figure of the house that was untouchable. an old remnant of the house that followed his every move and could read him like an open book.

quentin could remember the exact details of the day he saw her. )